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THE MARK PROJECT equips believers with the tools needed to proclaim the Gospel through creative, hands-on products and services that overcome many barriers missionaries face.

Our innovative art kits are designed to teach the Gospel and biblical truth through creative projects.

“Many people are involved in working with art because they want to expand the quality of people’s lives. Children whose lives have been blighted by war, famine or abuse are quite often reawakened by music, dance, poetry, painting and drama. Their senses are engaged. Their experiences is enlarged. Their damaged “Godlikeness” is allowed to reemerge, and often for the first time, they feel the wonder of being human.” – Steve Turner

God's Design: The Fibonacci Spiral Mixing Colors Colorful Creature Series Jellyfish Under The Sea Sunflower Painting Kit - Decorative Solar System Kit Salt Painting Kit Linescape Kit Butterfly Kit Bean Mosaic Kit
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There are many kits to choose from:

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The Mark Project offers a variety of services and events intended to enrich and edify the community. Explore our services and events!