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About Us

At The Mark Project, our mission is to communicate the Gospel through the arts. Our art kits are visual tools and reminders that believers can use within their communities to fulfill the Great Commission as set forth in Mark 16:15 “…Go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel to the whole creation.”


Our art kits turn leaders into storytellers, giving them a kinesthetic way to present the Gospel message. The projects are available in 30-60 minute formats for programs such as AWANA, VBS, and special events, OR as 2-hour painting classes at churches, ministries, or individual homes. Each leader’s kit includes an art kit for the teacher, a Script for presenting, a slide deck, and detailed instructions correlating the artwork to biblical truth.

Another way we equip believers is by offering art through Potter’s Clay, our in-person art studio. Here we teach the skills needed to glorify God through the arts.

Our hospitality division, The Beacon, is our hospitality division which seeks to serve the community in fellowship. Our hospitality station is available on alternate Fridays, and for area events such as weddings, VBS, award ceremonies and more. A portion of all proceeds goes directly to The Mark Project to support missions.

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“When people have something tangible that connects them to a defined message, they are more likely to remember what they hear and make connections for longer periods of time.” Gina McAndrew, CEO of The Mark Project

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Give Joy
Through Art.