kids playing in water


Q. How much do the art kits cost?

A. Each kit comes with a suggested donation with a minimum order of 50 kits. However, because we are a ministry seeking to obtain nonprofit status, we are able to work with you to fit the kits into your budget.

Q. Do you provide the teachers or just the kits?

A. We offer kits to both international and local ministries, but we do offer many services locally. Many on our staff are trained for mission work and could possibly be available on a case-by-case basis.

Q. Do I need to be good at art to teach with these kits?

A. Not at all! We include detailed instructions and supplies for the teachers in the teacher kit. We do all of the work for you by sending you individual kits for the students. We highly recommend reading through the teacher kit ahead of time so that you’re prepared to demonstrate. The projects are not difficult.

Q. How qualified is your staff?

A. Our teachers and artists have a combined 30 years experience in the field of teaching, art, or ministry, being credentialed in their specialties. Our staff participates in on-going Bible studies, church fellowship, and new art experiences.

Q. How do the events and fundraisers work?

A. We do the planning and work within the budget you have available. We are also able to handle the on-site events as needed.

Q. Will you be offering more art kits soon?

A. Our plan is to offer a steady stream of art kits, rotating them out frequently. We will also be presenting musical kits in the future!

Q. Do you teach art classes within your community?

A. We do! Our studio branch, Potter’s Clay Applied Arts, currently operates within the St. Charles Christian Home Educators in Missouri. This is where we experiment with art projects and create our kits and activities. You can find our studio information at https:// www.homeschool-life.com/664/custom/29189.