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3 Reasons to Introduce Music to your Child

Music has the ability to tap into many parts of the brain and can help children develop in several key areas.

Growing up in an artistic family, I have always been encouraged to express myself through the arts. Typically this included both glitter and paint. On other occasions, I found myself drawn to more musical endeavors such as piano playing and ultimately singing.

For me, both art and music have always been a source of peace and relaxation. Researchers have looked for reasons as to why this is the case. Scientists at John Hopkins Medicine have conducted MRI’s on jazz musicians and rappers while improvising music to see what parts of the brain light up while using their creative gifts. This research has shown that music gives the brain a total workout. When the vibrations of sound enter our ears, the brain has to then begin the complicated process of deciphering the sounds and rhythms found in the music, resulting in something somewhat mathematical. Upon this discovery, I was intrigued to discover how music can help the brain.

The more I researched, the more it seemed that music can help a variety of people no matter the age, but there is good evidence to support starting an introduction to music at a young age. Here are 3 reasons to introduce music to your child:

1. Music improves communication skills.
As I mentioned above, art in any form can be an excellent way to express oneself. Children who may not be able to communicate effectively quite yet may find that music gives them a way to interact with those around them without using words. They can learn important skills such as listening and working as a team, both of which will help them to be better communicators as they head into adulthood.

2. Music has been shown to improve mood.
The brain is comprehending a good amount of information when it processes music. One part of the brain that is effected by music is the cerebellum (The Kennedy Center). This is one part of the brain that allows us to feel emotions. Music has the ability to change our mood. In children, we can use music as an avenue to help improve their mood.

3. Music is a language that can be learned easier as a child.
Our brains are created with more neurons than we actually need in our adult life, so by the age of 8, we go through a large neuron dump (UCF). This is why young children can learn things like a new language much easier than an adult. In this same way, music can be learned by a child and ingrained in them much better when it is started at a young age. Starting young can help children develop a deeper aptitude for music.

These are just a few of the many reasons we should introduce our children to music early on. God has given music and art to us as a gift, so why don’t we teach it to our children so they can go out and proclaim the Gospel through their art? Psalm 95:1 (ESV) says “Oh come, let us sing to the Lord; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation!”

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